Frequently Asked Questions about Car Title Loans in L.A

 The Answers All Point to Cash When You Need It!

Q:        Why are Car Title Loans so much easier than going to my neighborhood bank?
A:        The reason that Car Title Loans Los Angeles are so much more helpful is that we don’t go down the same road as your bank. We provide secured loans – secured on the collateral of your privately owned motor vehicle. That means we don’t have to take into account how good or bad your credit record is because the unexpired equity on your car gives us all the security that we need.  We also have a philosophy that we want to make things really easy for you – we know that no one likes having to borrow money but there’s no reason to make anyone miserable because of it!

Q:        I don’t have a full-time job – I pick up work all around the place. Does that matter?
A:   No, it doesn’t matter at all.  We are able to offer loans to people from all kinds of employment background – weekly or monthly wage-earners, self-employed, people living on benefit or pensions and even those who are for the moment out of work. Our friendly team of financial consultants will help you budget your repayments in the way that suits your pocket – because we really want you to stop worrying about money!

Q:        How much can I borrow?
A:        Any amount between $2501 and $20,000 – what we can offer will depend on the make, model and condition of your car.

Q:        I suppose I will wait ages for a decision – but I need money urgently?
A:        In that case you’ve come to the right place at Car Title Loans Los Angeles.  We normally expect to turn applications into cash within one hour – we think that’s pretty quick!

Q:        Great – so how do I apply?
A:        Call our local office or complete our online form. You’ll soon be driving away with the cash.

Call Car Title Loans in Los Angeles at (310) 988-2703 If You Have Any Further Questions

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